The lifestyle modification program recently celebrated graduating over 1000 participants.

Honolulu, HI – ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine, a comprehensive lifestyle modification program for reversing the effects of heart disease and other chronic conditions, is pleased to announce that it has graduated over 1000 participants, an important milestone for the company that opened its doors on Oahu just three years ago.


“The ‘Ekahi Ornish program is so unique because it includes four important aspects of our lives – nutrition, exercise, stress management, and group support – to be able to reduce or reverse the effects of cardiovascular disease and chronic conditions” explains Dr. Kevin Lum, medical director of ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine. “It’s rewarding to be a part of a program that helps its participants focus on the root cause of their chronic conditions. We are helping our participants learn important lifesyle skills to lead happier, healthier lives both while they are in the program and well after they have graduated, which in turn reduces their total cost of care.”


The `Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program was the first of its kind in Hawaii. It is one of the fastest growing Ornish programs in the country.

In 2015, ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine began transforming lives in Hawaii, as the first organization in the state to offer Dr. Ornish’s Program for Reversing Heart Disease. Today, the ‘Ekahi Ornish program is recognized as the largest and fastest growing Ornish program in the country, changing the lives of over 1,000 Hawaii residents with many more to come.


“One of the key accelerators of our success is our innovative partnership with HMSA. HMSA expanded the program criteria for their members to include cardiovascular risk factors,” explains Dean Hirata, CEO of ‘Ekahi Health. “This has opened the doors for hundreds of local residents who qualify for the ‘Ekahi Ornish program under the expanded eligibility criteria to enable them to incorporate lifestyle changes today to reduce or even prevent their risk of developing cardiovascular disease.”


‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program is a nine-week program that helps motivated individuals live healthier, happier lives by teaching them to eat better, move more, stress less, and improve their relationships. All ‘Ekahi Ornish graduates make significant progress in the achievement of their overall health and wellness goals upon graduation, including significant decreases in cholesterol, blood pressure, weight loss, enhanced exercise capacity, reduced use of medications, and more.

On November 10, 2018, ‘Ekahi Health hosted their first annual Fall Festival to celebrate 3 years of helping people in Hawaii live happier, healthier lives, and reaching the milestone of graduating 1000 participants in the ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program. Attendees included current participants and alumni of the program, staff, friends, and family.


“We are so proud of our dedicated team that is helping lead the nation in transforming lives” added Hirata.


To learn more about the ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program, please visit or call (808) 777-4001.


About ‘Ekahi Health

‘Ekahi Health is an innovative healthcare delivery organization that provides comprehensive community-based care, and was the first organization to offer the Ornish program to the people of Hawaii. ‘Ekahi is a part of the ‘ike family of companies (, which was established in 1975 with its founding member, DataHouse. Other ‘ike companies include TeamPraxis, Sagely and Pacific Hi-Tech. For more information about the ‘Ekahi Ornish Lifestyle Medicine program, visit and follow them on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter.