About Us

Great People. Great Impact. Greater Good.

Like all families, our story spans generations.  The five companies that comprise ‘ike have unique histories and operations, but the glue that holds us together is our shared values and our dedication to a common cause — delivering world-class innovation, locally.

DataHouse was founded in 1975 by Dan Arita, a visionary who saw the need for homegrown tech solutions in the early days of the digital revolution.  Here we are forty years later, and DataHouse remains as innovative as ever.  Its broad capabilities and long history in the islands have made it Hawaiʻi’s most sophisticated and reliable tech consultant.

TeamPraxis formed in 1992 with a desire to strengthen Hawaiʻi’s community of independent physicians.  In an industry where communication and well-being go hand in hand, TeamPraxis has worked alongside doctors to design and implement the systems that protect, carry, and utilize our most precious data.  Information is life, and TeamPraxis helps it thrive.

‘Ekahi Health System also knows that good information means a better quality of life.  A new model for delivering quality health care services to the community, ‘Ekahi Health System puts patients at the center of an integrated network of care providers. It’s a healthcare model powered by leading edge technology yet built on the traditional island values of mālama, caring for one another, and ‘ohana, drawing strength from family.

The idea for Sagely came out of many hours of interviews with friends, families and coworkers who care or have cared for an aging loved one. They ultimately led us to senior living communities as a place where technology could make a significant positive impact on the quality of life of seniors. Many of these communities already used technology for medical purposes, but there was nothing available for the simpler human needs of peace of mind and reducing isolation. We created Sagely to help fill this gap.

‘ike (pronounced ‘ee-keh’) is the Hawaiian word meaning sight, knowledge and understanding.

We chose the name as a symbol for our family of companies as our organization is rooted in Hawai‘i, and its meaning represents the core services of which we were established – information technology.

The inspiration for the name ‘ike is anchored in our belief that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts. ‘ike, just as it states in its definition, reflects innovation resulting from the diversity and collective capacity of our leadership team unified with a One Team spirit.