In the `ike family of companies, we understand the strong desire to return to your island home to further your career and enjoy the next stage of life back in Hawaii. 

We understand this because we have helped so many locals over the years come back home while taking their careers in technology and healthcare to the next level, all while providing the family-centered, local lifestyles for their children that they experienced growing up. 

But is that possible for you?



For Michael Higashi, the dream became a reality in 2017.

Growing up in Honolulu, Michael graduated from Mid Pacific before attending the University of Washington. He began his career in tech at Microsoft as a Program Manager, overseeing product development—enhancing features, listening to customer needs, and working with developers and testers to create new products. After 17 years with Microsoft, Michael felt the pull to return to his island home. But how?

“I felt so blessed with my time at Microsoft and what I was able to learn while I was away,” explains Michael. “But it was really important for me to come back home and position myself where I could bless others and help them on their journey towards success.” 

As Michael was looking for a pathway back to Honolulu, a family friend told him about `ike and eventually he was introduced to Eddie Ontai, President of DataHouse, and Clyde Shiigi, DataHouse’s Chief Technology & Strategy Officer. 

Michael at Microsoft in 2016.

“We’re very fortunate to have Michael join our ohana at DataHouse,” says Eddie. “It’s a great success story of a local boy going to school and working on the mainland for a global technology company like Microsoft, then coming home to ensure his family connects with their roots. But in doing so, he didn’t have to sacrifice his career and passion, because at DataHouse we provide these kinds of opportunities for local folks to have a high value career in technology and innovation.”

Michael plays a key role at DataHouse as their VP of Solutions and Consulting Services, a position that leverages the skill sets that he developed over the many years at Microsoft. “It’s really about identifying problems and driving them through to a successful win-win for our customers and our company, and really helping to coordinate all our

Michael with his wife Maile, and their four kids: Nate, Josh, Andrew, and Joy Anna.

different engineering and technical staff to get the job done. That’s why I came into this role here at DataHouse.” explains Michael.

Energized and inspired to grow and give his all by the humility of the leadership and his coworkers at ‘ike, Michael hasn’t looked back. 

“He brings a wealth of experience from his 17 years at Microsoft and it’s wonderful to bring one of Hawaii’s best and brightest back home,” says Clyde.

What would be possible for you and your family if you tapped into the career opportunities inside the ‘ike family of companies? It worked for Michael and we have a sneaking suspicion you’ll look great with the trade winds in your hair again too. Check out the career page and let’s find out together.