New Program Reversing Heart Disease Symptoms Comes To Hawaii!

We are proud to announce the innovative work that our ‘Ekahi Health team is doing in their new initiative: the ‘Ekahi Ornish Reversal Program, led by Program Director Jennifer Awakuni. This 9-week program provides participants with support from an expert team that focuses on four elements: Personalized Nutrition (what you eat), Stress Management (how you respond to stress), Exercise (how much activity you have), and Group Support (how much love and support you have).

3 Steps To Building Your Legacy Today

Three friends were recently hiking down to the rock bridge on Koko Head crater when they encountered an exhausted hiker carrying his injured dog up the steep incline. One of the hikers quickly offered the young man with the dog a drink of water, making sure they were okay and would be able to make the rest of the climb successfully. The struggling young man was deeply impressed by the generosity of this stranger.


Being in Hawaii is built into local tech and health holding company ‘ike’s DNA (the name is the Hawaiian word for insight or knowledge). ‘Ike started more than a generation ago as IT solutions company DataHouse, says CEO Creighton Arita…


Honolulu, HI – ‘ike, formerly known as DataHouse Holdings Corp, announced August 3rd, 2015 that Edmond Lee has joined the company as chief operating officer. Lee will provide guidance for ‘ike as well as its family of companies, which includes DataHouse Consulting, ‘Ekahi Health System, Hawai‘i Quality Physician Organization (HQPO), Pacific Hi-Tech, Sagely and TeamPraxis.


Honolulu, HI – ‘Ekahi Health System, an affiliate of the ‘ike family of companies, announced the acquisition of the Central Medical Clinic (CMC), one of the leading physician organizations delivering quality healthcare in the State of Hawaii. “We are honored to have CMC join the ‘Ekahi ‘ohana,” said Jay Fujimoto, president of ‘Ekahi Health System. “CMC and its physicians are renowned throughout the state as having some of the highest levels of patient care outcomes, and we look forward to jointly developing the next generation of healthcare delivery for the state of Hawai‘i”.

The Secret To Creating Champions In Your Organization

I don’t know about you, but I really needed a mentor in my life growing up. As a child, I was insecure and shy. At Kapalama Elementary School I was the kid that always lost his things, forgot his homework assignments, and had a hard time paying attention in class. They even tested me to see if I had some sort of learning disability! Eventually I began to believe that I was dysfunctional. My parents sent me to my older cousin, Diane, a resource teacher, for testing and tutoring. And before long, things began to change…