Honolulu, HI – Sagely, a digital health company focused on innovative, technology-based senior-centered solutions, has raised new funding of $1.5 million to develop new senior care technology solutions.

“We are looking forward to utilizing the funding to continue to enrich our product offerings to better address the unmet needs of our senior population,” said Alex Bitoun, president of Sagely. “Although demand is currently outpacing growth projections on our current suite of services, we are excited about the next chapter in our strategic direction. The next phase will expand our platform to focus on the quality of life of our kupuna, go beyond communities to reach seniors in their homes, and position ourselves for future growth.”

Sagely president, Alex Bitoun.

Sagely President, Alex Bitoun, shares his secrets for startup growth at HTDC’s WetWare Wednesday.

Established in 2014, Sagely’s client base has already grown to more than 25,000 seniors across Hawaii, the US and Canada. Sagely’s technology tracks seniors’ engagement in their residential communities with calendar, newsletter and digital signage features. Their robust resident profiles and family engagement tools also allow communities to monitor and interact with their seniors in their daily activities and connect with their families and caregivers as needed. 

“There is an exciting opportunity in senior care with new approaches and technologies available to address our senior’s unmet needs,” says Creighton Arita, CEO of `ike, Sagely’s parent company. “We are proud of the success and impact that Sagely has made in just three short years, and are thrilled to see this funding invested in the future work of Sagely as they continue to enrich lives through innovation.”

“Our kupuna, our elders, are treasures of our communities in Hawaii and respected as sources of knowledge, guidance, strength, and inspiration,” explained Bitoun. “We feel strongly about the culture of Sagely’s birthplace and seek to foster the same care and respect for seniors around the world. Sagely is dedicated to our mission of keeping our kupuna happy, healthy, connected, and independent.”

Alex Bitoun, co-founder and former chief technology officer of EosHealth (now Livongo Health), is no stranger to developing data driven software and services to address a population’s health needs. Livongo Health has grown rapidly with a recent raise of $52 million in additional funding, and has successfully changed the dialogue on how to approach chronic illness, with an initial focus on diabetes. 


About Sagely 

Sagely is a digital health company focused on keeping seniors happy, healthy, connected, and independent. Sagely is working with some of the largest and most reputable senior living communities across Hawaii, the mainland U.S. and Canada, and is committed to develop and implement technology that ensures seniors stay active and vitally connected to their loved ones, leading to measurable improvements in quality of life and health. Sagely is part of ‘ike’s family of companies (www.ikehawaii.com), which was established in 1975 with its founding member, DataHouse. Other ‘ike companies include TeamPraxis, ‘Ekahi Health and Pacific Hi-Tech. For more information about Sagely, visit www.gosagely.com.